Black Holes

I’m a black hole; all ideas

Are sucked into my throbbing maw –

I’ve made a dozen great careers

By soaking every sort of poor:

I’ve left them at a food bank, broke,

And let their lives go up in smoke.


I’m a black hole; I insist

That I deserve my weight in shares –

This country needs an iron fist,

And half-a-dozen pious prayers.

Computer blanks them for six weeks?

More pepper on my wild boar cheeks.


A black hole, and a vacuum too,

My gravitas is massive – geddit?

I swallow light like lobster stew.

I give you Universal Credit –

Let all grow thin, while I grow fatter:

Of glitches, I insist – no matter.


We black holes must in time collide:

A back-street poison is our tipple.

We all believe in regicide –

We like to cause a major ripple.

The poor are simply commonplace:

Our real work’s in outer space.





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2 October 2017

The Conservative Party conference is to be told the government will press ahead with the ‘rollout’ of Universal Credit.

Astronomers have made a new detection of gravitational waves and for the first time have been able to trace the shape of ripples sent through spacetime when black holes collide – The Guardian


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