A Cross Tic


Froth upon your lips: your banter,                             

Usually a bagatelle,                                                               

Charmless – it’s a childish rant, a                                                                 

Kiddie tantrum, nasty smell.                                                             


Oh your words are thick as swill:                                          

Filled with idle nonsense, showy,                                          

Filled with taunts, a parrot trilling,                                       

Yakking, useless. Time to go.                                    


Oh you’re thick, your speech hysteric, a                                           

Uniformly tasteless stew:                                          

Tongue out at the real America                                            

Otiose and claptrap, hooey,                                      


Selfish, never apropos                                               

Specious like a brain-dead Bono:                                          

Empty-hearted braggart. So                          

Rumble off, you mastodon!                                       





Click here for an Atlantic Review article


14 August 2017

Resigning arts committee members spelled out RESIST with the first letter of each paragraph in a resignation letter to Trump. Now Daniel Kammen, the former science envoy at the State Department, has hidden the acrostic IMPEACH in his resignation letter.


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