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Bones Of Contention

Quite frankly, it's empirical –
We've stumbled on a miracle.
You think this is satirical?

The odds, we'll bet, are handsome:
It's God's official grandson.
Worth King-of-a-King-size ransom.

Lie? Damned lie? Statistic?
This wager's for the mystic:
The rewards should be ballistic.

In archaeological lingo,
It's a bone bonanza! Bingo!
Like John, Paul, George – and Ringo –

It's like a Beatle grave – yeah –
Look deep within this cave here:
Mr. and Mrs. Saviour!

Take a DNA detector,
It'll prove, like a prospector,
I'm a Hollywood director.

click here for a Daily Telegraph article on the 'find'

Bones Of Contention
Film-maker James Cameron claimed to have found an ossuary containing the bones of Jesus, Mary Magdalene – and four others, one allegedly a son. 'Statistical analysis' was said to show that the odds were 600-1 in favour of the identification being correct. Cameron claimed that the name “Mariamene” (= Mary M.) next to the name Jesus was like discovering “Ringo” on a grave next to others containing a John, Paul and George.
28 February 2007 AD


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