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Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel


I am a rhamphorhynchus

A reptile full of flight

I like to wear blue blinkers

To assert my perfect right


            Wait on, I’ve been assaulted

            While on a lakeland spree

            An ancient fish has vaulted

            Up a wave! It’s biting me!


Ouch! and ouch! Here’s vengeance:

I’ll tear it fin from fin

Its murderous intentions

Will vanish with my grin


            I am a normal pterosaur

            With fine and shining teeth

            It has my wing, it’s very sore

            I’ll pull its neck beneath


God gave us all the grammar school

Send criminals abroad

Let’s have a Bill of Wrongs, be cruel –

That much we can afford


         This fish is filled with freezing blood

         What is it? Any clue?

         Here comes the thick and airless mud

         And blue on blue on blue

Fossil Fuel

The Truss-Sunak hustings were described as “aggressive”. A 145-million-year-old fossil of flying a reptile being attacked by a fish was sold for £350,000 in Geneva. See details at Koller Auctions’ website


29 July 2022


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