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At last the tale of Lizzie Truss

Who is alas not one of Us

But who, to coin an apophthegm,

Is absolutely one of Them

For those who glimpsed her curious birth

The day the saucer fell to Earth

Confirm they saw her cosy-warm

A very alien in form

The rarest of some astral breeds

(She later said she hailed from Leeds)


Of what was she? How was she made?

No final answers, I’m afraid

Suspicion claims that, if you please,

She’s fashioned from galactic cheese

Perhaps some ripe old Martian Blue

Too hard to cut, too weird to chew

In nettles wrapped, to hide the mould

And past the date it should be sold

So there: a wedge from Outer Space

And That (I fear) – Is – A – Disgrace









Newspapers predicted Liz Truss would be Prime Minister.

21 July 2022


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