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An Englishman's Home Is His Car

When your nostrils are thick and impure,
And your chest is a source of congestion,
One thing you clearly don't want is a cure:
All medicine's out of the question.

Far better that germs start to breed,
Far better to clog up the body:
A quick rub of Vick cannot be what you need.
Who cares for a syrup or toddy?

The people of England, phlegmatic,
Do not think that their tubes need unblocking –
Let them choke! On this point, they're emphatic.
What? Call in a doctor? How shocking.

The same goes for pricing and charging,
Prescriptions no sane sorts abide –
Our country's in need of some urgent enlarging,
With motorways eighteen miles wide.

Yes, go for a spin with your spin-docs!
Who cares if our lungs are in pain?
We'll send you more e-mail, and fill up your in-box
Again and again and again.

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An Englishman's Home Is His Car
Tony Blair responded in an e-mail to the one and three-quarter million people who had signed an online petition to Downing Street to protest against road pricing policies.
21 February 2007


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