the weekly



Something very fishy here

Something off, methinks

Something like a lie, my dear

Something frankly stinks


Be prepared for sudden reek

Be prepared for whiff

Those who fib each time they speak

Are seldom worth a sniff


Kipper smoke and mirrors

Get your nostrils braced

Buy your pot pourri, sirrahs

And mind the aftertaste


Once a kipper, always oily

Fumigate your plate

Perfume every napkin, doily

Here comes the head of state


Beware him when he’s jokey

Beware him when he’s not

He’s a noxious, hairy smokie

Yet boneless, like as not



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Our next prime minister waved a kipper at his electoral audience last night. It was wrapped in plastic, thanks, said B****, to the EU. ‘Pointless, environmentally damaging health and safety, ladies and gentlemen,” he said. Actually it wasn’t an EU rule at all ….

18 July 2019


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