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The swansong of the maybug


I am a minor maybug

But my future is assured

When other snouts have petered out

Or turned to cosmic curd

I will survive each decimation

And garner reams of adulation


I am a minor maybug

No shell than mine is harder

When bigger beasts are oiled and greased

And ready for the larder

I will be burnishing acclaim

Survival is my middle name


I am a minor maybug

I’ll not go out of style

They’ll sing me psalms with open arms

Not so the crocodile

The rhino with its powdered horn

Will be dismissed with withered scorn


I am a minor maybug

Cockchafer types like I

Will strut their rusty wings and thrust

When hippo pools run dry

When bisons are extinct, ah then I

Mean to flash my famed antennae


I am a minor maybug

An Ozymandian type

When larger louts have long died out

They’ll have me here to hype

The elephants they’ll feed to dogs

But I will never pop my



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The swansong of the maybug

According to the journal Nature Communications, small creatures like dwarf gerbils will survive climate change while bigger beasts like the rhino will become extinct. Theresa May resigned.

25 May 2019


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