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I’m Brexit, a corroboree,

I need someone to mount,

I need some action, pleasure me!

And make the moment count!


The options are so tedious,

The backstop is so dull –

Each lover if a Greedy Gus,

Each is a nix, a null –


Won’t someone help my tadpoles spawn?

Won’t someone frisk their tails?

Oh God for half a decent horn –

I’m going off the rails –


The day is coming, sooner, closer,

While all my suitors stink:

Inject my skin, I pray you oh sir!

Put me in the pink!


There’s all these strange old hypocrites

Who hang around my skirt –

I cannot love them all to bits –

Each one’s a little squirt!



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Newspapers published lists of ‘possible Brexit outcomes’. The University of Wollongong and Taronga Zoo found that, by administering a hormone to both a male and female corroberee frog before pairing them off, they would increase the chance that they would accept their allocated partner from about 22% to 100%.

8 December 2018


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