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Universal Credit


I’m a class act, we’ve discussed this,

I rank high in all debate,

I dispense expensive justice,

Thus, I need the higher rate.

Glad to see that you have plans for

Higher rates of credit transfer.


Daily I preside in earnest

Over fools and arrant ninnies –

Obviously, I’m at my sternest:

Perhaps I should be paid in guineas,

Or piece rates as I fill the gaols –

Then we’d see who tips the scales.


I’ve a role of strength and stature,

I determine who has cause.

Say I’m stupid? Right back atcha!

I need loot to read your laws.

You must make your cash-tills ring –

If I’m the judge of anything.





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Universal Credit

A Senior Salaries review board has suggested that judges should receive a pay award of almost £60,000 – to £240,000 a year, or 32%. Cabinet minister Esther McVey admitted that “some people” would lose out under the universal credit plan.

17 October 2018


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