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Ew. It’s our West Midlands force,

A largely zomboid lot:

They think we’re sheeple, yes of course.

Our besties they are not.


Their tiny aquafaba brains!

Their arancini eyes!

They’re on a schneid; they are insanes:

Facepalm yourselves now, guys.


Spend the night with West? OK –

He’s not worth one qapik.

We’re frowny. Lock yourselves away.

The hivemind hates your cheek.




Click here for a Telegraph article on the West Midlands police


Click here for a Guardian article about Scrabble words



The West Midlands Police advertised a stay overnight in a cell where Fred West was once held as a part of a Hallowe’en ‘ghost-hunting’ evening. A new Scrabble dictionary contains 300 words not previously allowed, incl Yowza!

26 September 2018


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