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Leave the greater world of unity

Leave the dream in utter rubble

Take this golden opportunity

Here’s a dollar for your trouble


Now you’re citizens of Blighty

Now you’re sinking in one boat

Now you’re Little Brit Almighty

Let me palm you half a groat


Now the wire barbs the Channel

Don your isolation kit

Never mind the Euro-flannel!

A farthing for your grubby mitt!


Step we grayling on we go

From the Brexit funny farm

Here’s a present apropos

With this bawbee, grease your palm


On our own road into glory

You will speak our noble tongue

Hear our Union Jackanory

By the way, a thank-you bung



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Chris Grayling recommended to a Cabinet meeting that every person in Britain should get a cash bonus to mark Brexit.

19 September 2018


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