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No-one Can Hear You Scream


I am your space commander

Incredible and blond

I wish to have a gander

Into the great beyond

Across the stratosphere I surf

Don’t set foot on my astro-turf


My mothership is loaded

With bullyboys in boots

My mission is encoded

But follows unknown routes

I plan to tell the Milky Way

To do exactly as I say


Hail spaceman! Very well-met!

Although I am a berk

Inside my space force helmet

I feel like Captain Kirk

The galaxy is full of splendours

The battlefields are so tremendous


My name is Donald Vader

Mike Pence is Mr. Spock

I am a cosmic raider

Forget your Plymouth Rock

I come to drive my rocket hearse

Across a brand new Universe



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No-one Can Hear You Scream

Mike Pence has announced the creation of a ‘sixth military service’ by 2020: a US 'Space Force'.

August 10 2018


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