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No way. This is not an invasion.
It's only a piece of incursion.
This poem is no condemnation.
It's only a rhyming aspersion.

This is not really an hour:
It's 59 minutes and secs.
This isn't a question of power,
But a system of balance and checks.

This isn't high-level planning –
It's a concatenation of whims.
That isn't a body you're tanning,
But a random collection of limbs.

This isn't actually language.
It's a passage of tidderly-pom.
And that was an innocent bang which
Destroyed you. It wasn't a bomb.

This increase is just a reduction,
This black is a dark shade of grey.
A highway that leads to destruction?
No, it's just the American way.

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More US troops were scheduled to be sent to Iraq. Although this was initially referred to as a 'surge', Condoleezza Rice referred to it, not as an escalation, but an 'augmentation', and the Pentagon referred to it as a 'plus-up'.
17 January 2007


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