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Lazarus Lite


She comes out from the crowd, she calls

Oi Britain Wakey Wake

She rants, she raves, she blubs, she bawls

There must be some mistake

Instead of rising on her cue

The corpse remains a dire blue


She comes out to the grave to shout

Oi Britain Shake A Feather

The corpse is still as sauerkraut

And far beyond its tether

Instead of swelling full of breeze

It lies there like an old disease


She enters briskly from the wings

Oi Britain Stir Your Stumps

Despite the miracles she brings

The body’s in the dumps

It does not answer to her clarion

It is as dead as honest carrion


She pumps her smug and desperate grin

Oi Britain Rise And Shine

The corpse says, With the state I’m in

This is my finish line

I lie here in my perma-freezer

Death Means Death, say you, Theresa?



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Lazarus Lite

The UK poverty level was said to have risen faster than at any time since 1988. Theresa May’s government, seeking to nail its cobbled version of ‘deals’ to exit the European union, came within a handful votes of a confidence vote. An Ethiopian ‘prophet’ attempted (and failed) to revive a corpse by lying on it and screaming ‘Wake Up!’ He was rescued from a mob and arrested.

24 July 2018


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