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Gone Boy


The grease is thick and blubbery

Upon the idiot’s face:

His mask was thick and rubbery,

But now there is no trace:

His features, once so risible

Are all at once invisible.


Where violence, so cosmetic

Once creased the joker’s mug –

His image, so pathetic,

Has vanished with a shrug:

The silly lips that he deployed

Have slipped into a total void.


The eyebrows arched and jolly,

The chins he loved to wag

Were evidence of utter folly,

As in a schoolboy gag –

Now cameras search in despair,

Because his mugshot isn’t there.


Goodbye to his inanity,

So selfish, full of ego,

Now we can’t see his vanity

And whisper ‘Where did he go?’

Into a vacuum, mere aroma,

Into a long and empty coma.




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Gone Boy

Clown make-up can fool facial recognition software, it has been discovered. Boris Johnson resigned.

10 July 2018


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