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If a long life is your trip,
Here it is, our PG tip:
Yes, it's silky if it's milky –
But it isn't worth a sip.

If you aim to have a heart,
One that isn't stop-and-start,
Watch that cuppa with your supper.
Cut the milk. It isn't smart.

Malaria is not our study;
AIDS is hard to cure, old buddy:
But milkless leaf tea cures your grief,
That is clear. So do not muddy

Breakfast beverage at all.
Life will be too close to call.
To see the harm, pull down our sample –
Milky tea, and down you'll fall.

Sixteen women did not vary;
All were proof, and none contrary.
Be Methusaleh, enthuse,
And don't dilute your tea with dairy.

ESC press release

...or there again, read this

Tea Times
Add milk to tea, and you destroy its cardiovascular benefits, according to the European Health Journal. German researchers based their findings on “sixteen healthy post-menopausal women”.
10 January 2007


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