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Six Disgustologies

I feel weird and I feel stranger,

I can sense my stomach grayling:

Hear me shudder, I’m in danger,

Hear the loathsome trains de-railing.


I feel banjaxed, I feel vomit

Spurting out like molten gove:

Watch me, I’m recoiling from it –

Gurgling in the rotting grove.


The under-arms when dancing morris

Sicken me to marrowbone.

Help, I’m feeling very boris,

Very bulbous kidney-stone.


Watch me, as I’m sure to spew,

Innards burst and rees and mogg:

See this vicious residue!

Palate tastes of demagogue!


Bile inhabits all my thought,

Feeling liam, nasty fox –

My liver’s rather overwrought –

It’s a hopeless case of pox.


Here’s another stinky cheeser,

Here’s the final coffin nail –

Here I churn in her theresa,

Off the worst emetic scale.


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Six Disgustologies

Professor Val Curtis, director of the environmental health group at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, has ‘structured’ disgust into six categories. She says that disgust is a way of preventing ourselves from being sick. Her findings are published in the Royal Society's Philosophical Transactions B Journal.

6 June 2018


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