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Boris is the man of pudge

Making funny leader bids

Everything he says is fudge

Please do not believe him kids!


Mickey Gove speaks jolly jests

With his jolly rubber lips

He’s the worst of cartoon pests

Listen and you’ll have your chips!


Treazer Maybe’s drawn in ink

Crudely with her eyes like slugs

When she claims we’re in the pink

Do not credit her, you mugs!


Jerry Hunt’s a smiley cat

Licking artificial cream

When he says you’re really fat

All is never what it seems!


Do not trust these blue cartoons

With their wide-eyed alibis

They are belly-pork buffoons

Never ever trust their lies!



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The Health and Social Care Select Committee has called for a ban on using cartoon characters to advertise cereals and other foods.

31 May 2018


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