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Planet Nine


Out there in the wastes of space

There waits a giant hulk

A monster with a hidden face

A creature full of bulk

It seems a most disturbing case

Of preternatural sulk


It hovers on the edge of world

A lonely, empty sphere

That keeps its vicious fingers curled

And rules itself with fear

Where other planets always whirled

It trembles, insincere


The airless desert closes in

Upon its hollow heart

Perhaps it has a firing pin

Perhaps a bonaparte

Perhaps it is a deadly sin

Perhaps a feeble fart


And there it waits, as vacuous

As any empty sump

And puts the fat in fatuous

A poor galactic frump

Its logic vague, anfractuous

I name this planet Trump



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Planet Nine

Evidence is building that a huge planet, ten times the mass of Earth, is hidden in the space beyond Pluto. It is known as ‘Planet Nine’. The net was said to be closing around the US President.

24 May 2018


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