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Sick Transit


Goodbye from the strangest of nutters

We bid you God speed and farewell

We’ll be back in a jiff with a bubonic niff

And the finest young ring-rose they sell


Adios from the craziest crazies

We stand with our hankies a-shake

When we’ve burst out with loads of dodgy lymph nodes

We’ll come back in a lamb-tail’s two shakes


Sayonara from Nigel’s old loonies

From the lounge bar we wave you goodbye

We’ll be holding your breath till you next hear of Death –

In the blink of a purulent eye


We’re the chosen elect, bringing culture

Our orators glister with charms

We’ll return with our glitz and some sneezes and fits

And some lumps in our groins and our arms


History loves us like boneheads

Sent into the world like disease

But once we have rested, you’ll soon be infested

Look out for our fleas if you please



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Sick Transit

Paul Oakley, UKIP general secretary, on the council elections in which they gained 1 and lost 123 out of 125 seats: Think of the Black Death in the Middle Ages. It comes along and it causes disruption, and then it goes dormant. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Interviewer: Is that a good comparison to make?

Oakley: Absolutely. What’s wrong with that? The Plague led to economic growth and the Renaissance.

8 May 2018


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