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Hairy Caterpillars


Do not touch us. We are curious,

Injurious to skin and limb.

We will make your body furious.

We will sting you on a whim.


You will never need to prompt us,

As we settle in your craw:

Those who, when they think they’ve stomped us,

Feel content, will soon feel sore –


We bring you, in short procession,

Irritation, lack of breath,

A sense of doom and great oppression,

Even an impending death.


We are scary-mary-hairy,

We will eat your home or house,

Best be quiet, best be wary,

We are not the common louse –


We are Tories on a mission,

Make you feverous or faint –

Here’s the highway to perdition:

We will suffer no restraint.




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Hairy Caterpillars

Toxic hairy caterpillars are infesting our woodlands – Craig Ruddick, arboriculture manager for Richmond, advised ‘Be careful. They are a danger to your health.’ Jeremy Hunt apologised ‘whole-heartedly’ for the screening glitch that may have cost 200 women their lives.

3 May 2018


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