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Simples. We’re esurient,

Have appetency for some bread,

While leaders in the Tory tent

Are each of them a slugabed.


All their plans’ abstrusity

Is a fizgig hitched to poor poltroon;

Her ideas seething with caducity,

Their leader is a picaroon.


Each accouchement of a plan

Offers gifts to rich and wealthy:

Each kickshaw’s for a bogeyman –

A large and highly-burnished selfie.


The big society has shrunk,

Archaism is the curse –

Words are junk or full of bunk.

Omnishambles. Only, worse.






(There is a fuller list of words at




An analysis reported by The Times showed that “most buzzwords fall out of favour almost as quickly as they find it. Selfie, omnishambles, youthquake, simples, post-truth and big society have all been named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries, since 2009” [but are almost all on the way out]. The Times also cited various words the OED said had fallen out of use: accouchement (birthing), appetency (desire), caducity (old age infirmity), esurient (hungry), fizgig (silly young woman), kickshaw (a fancy but insubstantial dish), picaroon (scoundrel), slugabed (idler).

24 April 2018


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