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Last Night


I dreamt I went to Manderley again

And that I was once more a debutante

The old men want to ride the gravy train

But they can’t always get just what they want


When Mrs Danvers rattles me her keys

I swear she’s seen a ghost who takes a bow

There’s rheumatism in the front man’s knees

It look as if it’s all but over now


At night we have the quail with fresh beluga

The cougar struts his hour in the garden

Cook has put brown sugar in the nougat

No wonder that our arteries must harden


Maxim is a villain, has a twinkle

And some girls say he’s like a wee red rooster

It’s far too late to iron out a wrinkle

The lead guitarist needs another booster


Jumpin’ Jack De Winter’s like a shipwreck

He looks as if he suffers petrifaction

The drummer needs a nurse to give a hip check

Someone, give the ballroom satisfaction!


I dreamt I was in Villa Nellcôte taping

But thinking that perhaps I might retire –

And overnight the old flames were escaping

Play with Daphne, and you play with fire







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Last Night

It’s the eightieth anniversary of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. The Rolling Stones have announced new shows in early summer, their first in the UK for 12 years. Charlie Watts is 76, Jagger and Richards are 74, and Ronnie Wood is 70 (294 in total).

9 March 2018


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