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Bring me paper. Burn a list
Of the dismayed:
The cameraman and journalist
Plying their trade.

Watch the fire, as it grows,
See how it's made:
By policemen and politicos
Plying their trade.

Pyromania is a science –
All will degrade:
The pimps, the dealers, and the clients
Plying their trade.

Start a bonfire. Conflagrations –
They won't fade:
Stuffed with men whose conversation's
Plying a trade.

When the fire runs like water,
When it swirls,
Show me a wife, a sister, daughter,
And five lost girls.

Daily Telegraph article (first of two pages - see the end)

The five murdered Ipswich women were invariably referred to in the press as 'plying their trade'.
20 December 2006


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