the weekly


Not to be too snippy, but

The Tories are too numerous

Perhaps we need a triple cut

Wherever they are, tumorous:


They seem to spread indecently

Across the blogosphere

And multiply, quite recently,

Like plankton by a pier –


In fact, they pose a nasty threat

We cannot now neglect. You see

They have no moral etiquette.

We need a Torydectomy.


Excise them like unbursted boils?

Castrate them with a pair of tongs?

Dissolve them in some castor oils?

Remove from them their dirty dongs?


Too neat, too easy, and too crude:

I hear you raise your voice.

But still, despite disquietude,

I fear we have no choice.






Click here for a Zoe Williams article in The Guardian.



It was discovered that Ben Bradley, now one of the many Conservative Party vice-chairs, had advocated the sterilisation of the poor in a 2012 blog.

18 January 2018


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