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Cut Short


The signs were fertile, rich and fecund

Grayling in his cloud of grey

Took charge for nearly thirty seconds.

That was in the good old day.


Grayling in his dullard’s mask

Felt how fortune’s fickle, innit,

Felt how great and grand the task:

A whole career in half a minute.


Fame may call, and greatness flower:

Grayling’s rule was deep and subtle:

A hundred-and-twentieth of an hour

Before his ship began to scuttle.


When life’s as long as Twitter feeds

And Grayling is a helpless dope,

The honest heart within us bleeds,

And there is scarcely any hope.


Incompetence is not a virtue,

And Mrs May’s no thoughtful Sphinx.

You fool, we think, watch Luck desert you,

Though Grayling’s had his thirty winks.



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Cut Short

Chris Grayling was announced as the new chairman of the Conservative Party. Thirty seconds later, his appointment was unannounced.

8 January 2018


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