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Matters of Taste


Merry Christmas from the Tories,

Banging on their Irish drums:

Ultra vires, ultra mores,

Scavenging for comfort’s crumbs:

Yum! Mmm!


Not in tune with rhymes or reasons,

Totting up fantastic sums –

The turkey of their greedy season’s

Rotting in the national gums:

Yum! Mmm!


Boris gulps his peach juice quickly,

Philip sucks a withered thumb,

Liam’s skin is thick and sickly,

The country’s tongue is rimmed with scum:

Yum! Mmm!


Tell a fib, and find it tasty,

Till your lips are blue but numb:

The cheek is bloodless, thin and pasty –

They taste of ash, of kingdom come:

Yum! Mmm! Yum! Mmm! Yum! Mmm!




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Matters of Taste

Boris Johnson drank some peach juice from Fukushima on camera to ‘prove’ it was safe, announcing 'Yum! Mmm!'. Happy Christmas from the Weekly Poem. Normal service resumes in January.

17 December 2017


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