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If At First You Don't Succeed, Trident, Trident, Trident Again

Somewhere in a submarine
Lives a life where no-one's seen,
No-one's heard by night or day,
For which there must be hell to pay.

Just in case the world is flattened,
Somewhere hatches will be battened,
Safe in this – if a nuclear blitz
Should blow us all to bobs and bits,

At least we'll know there's been a bang:
Islamabad, Teheran, Pyongyang
Will vanish in a careless puff –
And then they'll know Enough's Enough.

At any time, Saddam Hussein –
Because he had an addled brain –
Was planning to eliminate us:
That's why, with our divine afflatus,

We totalled him. So, saved from slaughter,
We emulate him, underwater,
And why we hold the keys to power,
And why we keep a conning tower

Hidden somewhere in the deep.
It helps us breathe, it helps us sleep,
To snooze here in our great gazebo.
It makes the world a safe placebo.

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If At First You Don't Succeed, Trident, Trident, Trident Again
Tony Blair announced that 20 billion pounds would be spent on updating Trident missiles, to ensure that potential enemies were deterred from devising their own nuclear weapons. Very few politicians demurred. Britain signed the non-proliferation pact in 1968.
December 6 2006


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