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It isn’t a guns situation

It isn’t a trigger affair

The blood on the floor

Isn’t regular gore

The bullet-holes weren’t really there


It isn’t a guns situation

The rifleman, not very nice

Might have played with his kit

In a manner unfit

But a gunman he wasn’t, no dice


This isn’t a guns situation

He may have had military style

But he must have been firing

With poor mental wiring

And the gunsmiths need never stand trial


This isn’t a guns situation

A gun in the right hands is great

It can murder at will

It can shatter and kill

But this hasn’t happened of late


It isn’t a guns situation

And the aisles were not filled with the dead

And I’m not a dork

Made of jackass and pork

With a pumpkin instead of a head




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President Trump said that the shooting at a Texas Baptist chapel in which 26 were killed and at least 20 more injured “isn’t a guns situation”.

6 November 2017


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