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Return To The Blue Planet


Somewhere on the ocean floor

Odd creatures start to twitch:

Weird crustaceans, hard-core claws,

Where all is dark as ditch.

Here in Nature’s long-lost lab,

There lurks the strange, lubricious crabb.


It sends its signals through the murk

While dinking to the side;

It sexts itself until berserk

While thrashing through the tide:

It thinks of groping as propitious

While interfering with the fishes.


Somewhere on the ocean’s bed,

The missing links are found:

The scaly urchins, living dead

Who bluely swim around –

What coral they pollute, or soil,

Drifting, gelid, full of oil.





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Return To The Blue Planet

Stephen Crabb, a former candidate for the Tory leadership, has yet again been discovered texting a young woman with suggestive remarks. He is one of several said to be involved in sexual harassment of one kind or another. David Attenborough’s Return To The Blue Planet is giving viewers new and strange views of undersea life.

30 October 2017


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