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You might have specialised in guff
And blathered on, and spouted stuff
And given Omo white a puff
And played it smooth instead of rough
And chattered like a speed-fed chough
And spoken lingo off the cuff
And made the listener think 'Enough!'
And offered soft instead of tough
And gloried in a nickname ('Fluff')
And maybe what we heard was duff

You might have picked some shocking pop
Spun Number Ones that weren't much cop
And cheered on any fool or fop
And claimed they were the creamers' crop
And screeched about each Beatle mop
And never ever thrown a strop
And raved when rubbish hit the top
And praised what should have been a flop
And let your words trip, skip and hop

But still, I'm sad to hear you stop

Alan Freeman obituary (BBC)

Alan Freeman, one of the original 'big four' of British disc-jockeys, died aged 79. His nickname was 'Fluff'. He made his name on radio, as the presenter for many years of 'Pick Of The Pops', the Sunday run-down of hit records on the Light Programme. He had a variety of catchphrases – but 'Greetings, pop-pickers' was the most well-known one.
November 29 2006


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