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Crackle crackle coming through

I’m on the edge of outer space

I am not human am not you

I have a weirdly smiling face

I have a mantra don’t ignore it

War of course I’m begging for it


Rustle rustle making waves

Terrestrial no    My hole is black

I don’t behave as you behave

I have a logic that you lack

Conflict management   Adore it

War of course I’m begging for it


Twinkle twinkle sending sign

I do not know about your ‘morals’

Red lines     I must redefine

Your human view of spats and quarrels

Bomb and blast   I like to store it

War of course I’m begging for it


Pyongyang pyongyang faint transmission

Alien here    I have the hump

Time for travel to perdition

Time to blow one final Trump

Earth an apple I will core it

War of course I’m beggi



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US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was "begging for war". Radio pulses from deep space have been found by a team searching for alien life.

5 September 2017


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