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Arrivederci l'età della pietra


Here we are in Sicily,

We stone-age Mafiosi.

The weather’s acting pissily,

Fan Tutte’s not so Cosi.

The sun is large and hard and bright –

Small comfort for a troglodyte.


We sip Sicilian water,

Unpleasant and frizzante –

After a mammoth slaughter,

We’d rather raise the ante –

Give us fruit we could abuse –

An offer we could not refuse.


Don Corleone’s sipping

Some pressed Italian bat:

The supplier will be kipping

With the sabre tooths for that –

Here’s Giovanni, looking bored.

I wonder what’s inside his gourd.


A very wholesome flavour:

I’m getting earth and grape –

With notes of nut. A caver

Is left in different shape –

There’s such a lot of talk in it!

(Luigi, put a cork in it.)


Let’s slur a new apostrophe

To this, our bella donna –

And as the Cosa Nostra, we

Must each respect its honour:

Triceratops and Brontosaur?

Who cares about them any more!



Read a Guardian story here


Arrivederci l'età della pietra

A University of South Florida team has discovered that humans drank wine three millennia earlier than previously suspected, after investigating the residue of a terracotta pot in Sicily.

30 August 2017


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