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A Cross Tic


Froth upon your lips: your banter,                             

Usually a bagatelle,                                                               

Charmless – it’s a childish rant, a                                                                 

Kiddie tantrum, nasty smell.                                                             


Oh your words are thick as swill:                                          

Filled with idle nonsense, showy,                                          

Filled with taunts, a parrot trilling,                                       

Yakking, useless. Time to go.                                    


Oh you’re thick, your speech hysteric, a                                           

Uniformly tasteless stew:                                          

Tongue out at the real America                                            

Otiose and claptrap, hooey,                                      


Selfish, never apropos                                               

Specious like a brain-dead Bono:                                          

Empty-hearted braggart. So                          

Rumble off, you mastodon!                                       





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A Cross Tic

Resigning arts committee members spelled out RESIST with the first letter of each paragraph in a resignation letter to Trump. Now Daniel Kammen, the former science envoy at the State Department, has hidden the acrostic IMPEACH in his resignation letter.

14 August 2017


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