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Missing Person


Where’s Theresa, where is she?

Beamed up? Or merely banished?

Perhaps she’s gone across the sea.

Perhaps vamoosed. Or vanished.


Perhaps the questions she ignored

Have choked her inner thistle.

Perhaps she fell upon her sword

When Boris said ‘Go whistle’.


Yes, her words were risible,

Yes, her words were weird,

And now she is invisible.

(At least, she’s disappeared.)


Or has the hot air swallowed her?

Was she consumed by guff?

Perhaps assassins followed her,

And called her hollow bluff.


Perhaps she wanders, swathed in gauze,

Away from natural light,

Beyond the parliamentary laws,

A creature of the night.


Perhaps her Ulster managers

Grew angry and disowned her:

What’s that? What is this wraith? Who stirs?

They’ve only gone and cloned her.



Click here for a Daily Mirror article

Missing Person


Questions were asked about the disappearance of Theresa May (her image was removed from the Conservative Party website).

It is incidentally the 120th anniversary of H.G. Wells' 'The Invisible Man'.

12 July 2017


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