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Really Terrible Beauty

In a corner of the jungle

Crouched the pallid Lardy Dah:

Earl of Stupid, Lord of Bungle,

With the loudest Yah by far.


Fingers in his yellow fringe,

The Lardy Dah began to drivel:

Earl of Gluttons, Lord of Binge,

On a most uncivil swivel.


Drooling, he imagined crowns

Foisted on his woolly bonce –

The Lardy Dah, the Lord of Clowns

Feasting in his nonchalance.


The Lardy Dah ran through some lies –

All Latin verbs and schoolboy slang –

Sir Bluster, Duke of Piggy Eyes,

A poorer man’s Orang Utang.


And with the scent of Power rich

Inside his nostrils, Lardy Dah,

Shah of Scratch, Emir of Itch,

Uttered once a Last Hurrah.


Here he comes, the Bedlam Slouch,

The Lardy Dah, with lips a-greased:

With bilious slobber in his pouch.

Theresa has unleashed his beast.

Really Terrible Beauty

Theresa May has been urged to stand down aleady.

9 June 2017


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