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The shocking case of Corbyn, J.

(According to Theresa May)

Was when – alone, a Total Nude,

Exemplifying Solitude –

He took his Stand in Shades of Pink

When brexiting, and did not blink.

Instead of telling Eurocrats

That they were feral Alleycats,

And claiming that the Twenty Eight

Were Rats who’d rather suppurate

Than drive a very careful Bargain,

Dear Jeremy, eschewing Jargon,

In Birthday Garb, and in The Buff

Talked very kind and thoughtful stuff.

He listened, and he was polite:

To Geist he added charm and Zeit.


It happened that Theresa M

Observed his very naked Phlegm,

And told the French, ‘He has no socks.

Instead I’ll send you Liam Fox

And he will show you Britain’s Stance

While wearing good clean Underpants –

As one with Fashion and Panache

(Observe my Transverse Neckline Slash,

My Woollen Shrug, and Leather Jeans:

I speak as one of Stylish Means)

I know that you’ll be unimpressed

By Jeremy, who is Undressed.

Alas for Mrs. May, they booed

And found her manners tart and rude,

While Jeremy drew great applause,

Although alone, without his drawers.




If you can’t deal without your kit,

The other side will think you’re shit.




Click here for a Guardian article



In a curious attack on Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May tried to channel an Aneurin Bevan metaphor, by suggesting JC would be ‘alone and naked in the negotiating chamber’.


Apologies to Hilaire Belloc.

1 June 2017


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