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Cosmic Forces

Through the deep and starless waste

Where they love the humanoid

Where all ethics are misplaced

Where all truths are null and void


Where the Klingon seems a saint

Famed for all his charm and grace

Where all sense of truth is faint

Where all screams dissolve in space


Something with a rattler’s neck

Something from an awkward squad

Colonised the lower deck

Like a mad cephalopod


Where the light had never dawned

Where the veins where filled with pus

Nigel and his race were spawned

Seeking to be rid of us


Who can say when in the reaches

Of the furthest universe

Who controls the darkest creatures

Who can fix them with a curse


Suddenly their stupid chatter

Came to earth, and with a bump

Suddenly their anti-matter

Was not worth a cyber-trump


Neil, with both your deadened eyes

With the swivel of your lips

You and Paul and all your lies –

You have had Theresa’s chips


Brought to life, a weird Pygmalion?

Did not know you were a freak? Well,

Now you know you were an alien

Now you’re gone (until the sequel).

Cosmic Forces

When asked about whether Paul Nuttall was to blame for the poor performance in the local elections, Neil Hamilton replied: ‘I think we’re seeing what you might call cosmic forces, beyond the control of any individual at the moment. It’s certainly not Paul Nuttall’s fault.’ (BBC)


There is a new Alien film out.

10 May 2017


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