the weekly


Before I’ve charged my wi-fi up

Before my lip’s been curled

Before I sup the devil’s cup

I see Tomorrow’s World


Tomorrow’s World is nice and rank

Tomorrow’s World is nauseous

The nurses crowd the breakfast bank

(For lots of different causes)


My cabinet is filled with drones

Though most of them malfunction

They’re made of plastic skin and bones

But greased by no compunction


Tomorrow’s World is cold and tense

A place where all is pure

Where my bionic moral sense

Is stable and secure


Stable and secure

Stable and secure

Stable and secure

Stable and secure       bdoing bdoing


Here are my bionic fingers

Here are my bionic thumbs

The smell of soldering still lingers

When sniffing my bionic chums


You cannot kill my kind of creeps

With crucifix or garlic

Their mouths emit a stream of beeps

And all their souls are Dalek



Click here for the bionic hand (BBC)


Click here for Tomorrow’s World (The Guardian)





Tomorrow’s World is to be revived, according to BBC Director-General Tony Hall, who noted that Science was travelling very fast, what with (for instance) ‘the rise of robotics’. A new ‘bionic’ hand, incorporating a camera, was announced. Andrew Marr suggested Theresa May’s mantras might be viewed as robotic.

4 May 2017


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