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I am your Mother Theresa

I come to heal you, to bind

I know where all of your keys are

I come to help you unwind


All of you, here is my power

All of you, here is my pledge

There are innocents I may devour

Whenever my teeth are on edge


But mainly I speak about service

I am your waitress, dear folks

Let me be honest, I’m nervice

It’s because I don’t know any jokes


Give me a mandate to bargain

Give me your band’s wakey-wakeys

Let me deliver in jargon

Trust in my smile, it is Blakey’s


I am your matron and saint

I will be keeping your chin up

Mine is the portrait you’ll paint

And afterwards, I’ll be your pin-up


I come here to heal the divided

Let me be honest, the splits

I must have more votes, I’ve decided

Please to embrace me, ye Brits!


I am the vicar’s own daughter

To the pensioner I will be flirty

The only ones down for a slaughter

Are those who are twenty or thirty


Let me honest, I’m modest

Let me honest, I’m simple

I am your favourite goddess

Take a peek at my very large wimple


Now have I got your attention?

This election is crucial and key

Let me be honest, and aid comprehension

This election is all about ME















“Give me a mandate to lead Britain, give me a mandate to speak for Britain, give me a mandate to fight for Britain and give me a mandate to deliver for Britain.” (May mantra)

“The country is coming together, but Westminster is not.” (May calling election)

Theresa May was ahead in every poll, except the ones predicting how those under 40 felt.

24 April 2017


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