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Never known such *snap* election

Never known such *crackle* *pop*

When you give me such affection

I get a seizure that it’s hard to stop

It gives me seizures, when you woo me

Seizures when you climb the poll

Seizures! running through me

Seizures in my jelly-roll


*Snap* lights up my morning,

*Pop* makes night-time bright

I go wild when you *snap* your thumbs

And you know I’ll vote for this all night

Everybody has a seizure

Elections make us gleam and glow

Seizures are not surprising

Seizures get my vote, you know


Theresa loved a *snap* poll,

Jeremy he did the same

When she made her *snap* decision

He said, “Teresa baby, I am game

Thou givest seizure, when we argue

Seizure though thy speech be fudge

Seizure! where we lay our scene:

What a very ancient grudge”


*Snap* and *pop*, a proper contest

It’s a very *snap* affair

Mrs *Snap* the vicar’s daughter

Mr *Pop* the Labour heir

They give us seizure when they tussle

Seizure when they trade a look

Seizure, in each muscle

What a lovely way to cook


Now you’ve listened to the Tories

What’s the point of their hard right

Fox and Boris give you seizures

Cause the voters to ignite

They give you seizures if you listen

Seizures when they pantomime

Seizures! *Snap* elections!

What a fucking waste of time

What a fucking waste of time

What a fucking waste of time

What a fucking waste of time





Click here for the snappy fingers of Peggy Lee







With apologies to Little Willie John and Peggy Lee

I will vote for my Labour MP Jenny Chapman in the snap election. If I had still been in North Devon, I would have voted Lib Dem. I don’t get this pother over Corbyn. I have problems with JC, but I also had problems with Wilson, Callaghan, Foot, Kinnock, Blair and Brown, Harman and Beckett. Leaders are transient. Values aren’t.

20 April 2017


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