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I am the mother of all bombs

I suckle and explode

Take a peek at my mystique

Observe my mother lode


I have so many mouths to feed

I am a great Madonna

Explore my curves if you’ve a nerve

And you will be a goner


Observe the shoulders, round and pink

On which my loves have purchase

What pain and hate I procreate!

A Mother always nurtures


My babies rip themselves apart

Their manners are infernal

The little scamps are always champs

Once I have been maternal


Spread the word on blasted air

Drink all your bile from me

And watch me blaze and help me raise

My nuclear family






The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb – MOAB for short – carries 18,000 lbs of TNT. It is known colloquially as The Mother Of All Bombs. The USA dropped one on an ISIS network in Afghanistan. The North Koreans have meanwhile threatened a nuclear attack.


“It is as if a gang of delinquent children had been locked in a room filled with inflammable material, and provided with matches – accompanied by the warning not to use them.” – Arthur Koestler, The Ghost In The Machine, 1967.

15 April 2017


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