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Organic Intelligence

I am intelligent life

Intemperate, moody and fissile

I sit here and sharpen my knife

Or polish my Tomahawk missile


I have my brilliant brains

They have an inordinate mass

I deal in human remains

And cultivate species of gas


I have a great cerebellum

It bulges in all the right seams

Why write on parchment or vellum

When I can hack into your screams?


No-one can count to my IQ

No-one knows numbers so great

I’ll punch you if I do not like you

That is a matter of state


Replace me with robots and droids?

Swap me for heartless machines?

Look in my eyes, see the void –

Do you know what intelligence means?



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Organic Intelligence

The Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees, predicted that machines would take over from humans within a few centuries: “The period of time occupied by organic intelligence [will be] just a thin sliver between early life and the long era of the machines.”

7 April 2017


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