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Them And Us

Oh, I'm as bright as British sun
As brainy as a brick,
When a candle burns, I am the one
Who is the wicked wick.

I'm as thick as four short planks
In very poor condition,
And I say please, and also thanks
To thermo-nuclear fission.

A hundred centuries from now,
When time is quite dissolved,
Who knows but me exactly how
I'm bound to be evolved.

Yes, when the world has split in two,
Your lot will look at me,
And tell me, and it will be true,
'You're from the LSE.'

Them And Us
According to LSE research, the next 100,000 years will see mankind evolve into two sub-species, one super-intelligent, and the other charmless and dim. North Korea announced a plan for a second nuclear test.
17 October 2006


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