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Politics is not a game

Politics is not a sport

Politics is not the same

As taking back the clothes you bought


Politics is not a fit

Not a case of taking sides

Politics is not a skit

Nor dressing up in leather strides


Politics is not a bluff

Politics is not for sale

Not the tumble, nor the rough

Nor upon the bargain rail


Politics is not a fete run

To support a special clique

Politics is NOT a matron

Telling you, you have a cheek


Really, you must stop your pep pills

Politics is very drab

While I’m handing out the Strepsils

It’s not the gift, it’s not the gab


Points for taking back Phil Hammond

Points for ruling on the hoof

Game? You need your head examined

Points for standing here aloof


Politics is not a pastime

Winning is not why I’m here

I’m telling you, and for the last time

It’s What I Say It Is, My Dear



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‘Politics is not a game,’ said Theresa May of Nicola Sturgeon. She said the same thing when she stood for the leadership, and reminded her Cabinet that she’d said it after she was elected. So she must really mean it.

16 March 2017


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