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The Budget


I’m from the north and from the south

I like the taste of pizza dough

The sugar highs may curl my mouth

The library is shut you know


Don’t care, I never read the books

A Christmas Carol, not for me

No-one in the family cooks

The food banks give us tins for free


The cars and lorries jam the streets

The zero contract does my head

They said he was a man called Keats

I’d rather read my phone instead


I watch the litter silt the square

And add some more to keep it rank

There’s a funny smell inside the air

The card I drew was dull and blank


I bought these in a hospice shop

They’re loose, pull down. I wear my cap

Across my eyes, and I don’t stop

When men like that stand up to rap


My nan is waiting in the line

She can’t afford to die at all

There’s nothing here that I call mine

I knock my head against the wall


I saw him up on Asda’s shelves

I saw him talking through his lips

I saw him on TV at twelve

My friend has found a bag of chips


Work next week, I wouldn’t know

I might not hang around or wait

I’d like to come but I can’t go

What does he mean, the interest rate?



The Budget

Philip Hammond presented his first budget, and concluded “Our United Kingdom has a proud history. We have done remarkable things together. But we look forwards, not backwards.”

March 8 2017


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