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Special K

I am a very little man

I like a bruising, love a fight

Establishments – what I would ban

I’d rather like to be a knight


Douglas, he is not my type

So take that on the chin, I’ll say

Each noble Lord’s a guttersnipe

I’d rather like to be a K


The upper echelon don’t like

The way I’ve trashed their closed-door club

They’d put my head upon a spike

But first I’d like a private dub


Suzanne is useless, so is Banks

The Party’s full of bores and bawds

Be their Leader? No, no thanks

My shoulder’s forward for the sword


They close their ranks, and close their lips:

Masons all, who grease their path

To fortune, like to squeeze my pips

Maybe Garter, maybe Bath


We’re out of Europe, thanks to us

How the top cats mewl and purr!

I do not want a lot of fuss

It’s just that you could call me Sir



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Special K

“It kind of feels that the little people took on the entire establishment in that referendum – they won but the establishment are not taking the loss very well and are doing all they can to stop [Brexit].” Farage on Fox News, quoted in the Express, Jan 26 2017

2 March 2017


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