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Benefit Of Clergy

Thank you for your loud report

Before we kneel (for we must pray)

We know it took a lot of thought

But God, you see, is hardly gay


We listened to your lengthy speech

We simply thought you’d better know

That though He was a decent peach

Our God was very hetero


God inspires many things

Power, awe, devotion, fear –

Of course we don’t know how He swings

But honestly, He’s not a queer


We get this from Leviticus

We get it from the Church Divine –

You say our view’s arthritic? Us? –

And God does not that way incline


We think it’s elementary

That God, incorporeal, trad

(Though come back in a century)

Is really quite a normal Dad


So, sorry for the ruined lives

The stigma and the moral blitz

I’m sure you’ll pray that Love survives

It’s God’s fault, we’re not hypocrites






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Benefit Of Clergy

The ‘house of clergy’, one third of the Anglican synod refused to agree with the laity and the bishops that same-sex marriage was not to be blessed or endorsed in church

16 February 2017


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