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Fake Fiction

Darcy didn’t really brood

His muscles were not busting out

He was no dark and handsome dude

He did not sport a sullen pout


No ladies, he had permatan

Subsisted on a spree of junk

KFC – he was a fan

Quite a mountain, quite a hunk


He wore a startling powder quiff

Squeaked his way from dawn to dawn

Wasn’t Elvis, wasn’t Cliff

Spoke and ate much plastic corn


Darcy sadly did not loom

Over the whirling waltzing floor

The truth alas leaves little room

With all the balls he’s famous for


All those facts that must be kennelled!

Darcy was a dirty dog

Darcy’s name was really Donald

The rest is lost in Austen’s fog


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Fake Fiction

John Sutherland and others have suggested Mr. Darcy was not as we imagine. Trump’s diet was revealed.

February 9 2017


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